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July 23, 2012

Tags: easier gardening, garden tips, soaker hoses, watering

Why “Senior”?
Freshmen are clueless; sophomores are wet behind the ears; juniors still don’t have their stuff together; but seniors are about to “graduate” and move on to better things. Don’t we all aspire to be senior gardeners! It’s my goal and one I hope to reach before my knees and arms give out. So many tasks in the garden take significant effort so I always am looking for tips on how to do things better with less effort. In this blog, I share tips and techniques that will ideally advance those who follow them to senior status. For seniors in terms of age (as I am) and everyone who wants to garden with less wear and tear on body parts, read on to learn how to make the garden job go easier.

Easier Watering
Here is a tip on using soaker hose for watering to save body parts while also producing a superior result. Soaker hoses come in a variety of lengths (25’ 50’ and 100’ are seen most often).

In the garden, lay down your soaker hose to get the measurements right; then remove it and dig a very shallow trench and replace the hose. Screw the lead hose section into the spigot and turn watering on and off from there. If you want your outlet to be available for other watering chores, screw in a Y-shaped attachment that has two places for hosing and use one for the soaker and the other for general watering in the garden.

When you need to water, instead of dragging a long hose over to the location, you simply turn on the faucet. Come back an hour or so later and your garden is watered. Turn off the faucet and leave the soaker hose in place.

If you have read this far, you are likely a dedicated gardener (or you’re a close relative of mine). So what is your top tip to make gardening chores easier on the body? Please comment on the comment page here or email me @